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These Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snake Guards also known as gaiter, and leggings have many safety applications including. Snake Guard Protection, Rodent, and Cactus thorn protection, Jagged Rocks, any type of poisonous bites.

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Ultra light * Lifetime Warranty*Snake Proof from Poisonous Reptiles,

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Crackshot Super Guardz

Super Guardz

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This is a Brand New generation of Guards for those nasty  rattlers, the clear white water moccasins, copperheads, and any venomous snakes. This super guard protection also comes with impact knee pad design. This design is great, not only the active hunt but can be used for border patrol, oil refineries and anywhere you want to protect your legs and knees against damages. These are for avid Treasure Hunting, for Gardening, wild game Hunters, and any other outdoor activities which required knee and leg protection . They are manufactured exclusively for us by Crackshot a name you can trust with rattle snakes and their bite. They are backed by a million dollar policy.You will have ever lasting guard safety against these and other hazards including cactus, other thorns and even those hard rocks. Just like safety for guns you need to think about your safety in also with the best of the best. A poisonous or even a non poisonous snake bite can be one of the most dangerous thing that can happen while hunting and one of the most common problems issues out there. A rattlesnake can not penetrate this guard so you can be assured that you can now focus on your hunting. When that big buck goes down you can drop on your knees and thanks your lucky stars and know you won't be having to take cactus thorns out of your leg for the next few days. These are designed so you can wear them with tennis shoes or any basic shoes and not have to worry about those heavy snake boots that in some cases actually give you less protection. You can order on line or call us and recieve the same internet pricing at 800-886-0810.

Sting Ray Guardz

Stingray Guards
Sting Ray Guardz are manufactured with 600 Denier Polyester Fabric encasing polycarbonate inserts. They are sting ray proof from a height of 12 inches, weigh 8 ounces each and are impact tested by the United States Testing Laboratory at ASTM-4873D specifications. Sting Ray Guards stops a 12 gauge shot gun blast at 20 yards. This testing was done with a Remington Model 11-87 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel, full choke and 3-1-8 lead shot loads. The material has 2 ounce rubber water proofing applied to inside surface to prevent water pockets from forming inside the Guards. Sting Ray Guardz are secured in place with two 1 inch polyester straps and quick release buckles with an additional 1 inch polyester strap going under the foot to prevent "floating up" while wading. When your fishing you can be assure you will be safe. Sting Ray Guards must be worn over wading shoes or boots since they offer no protection to the sole, toes or front of the foot. You can order on line or call us and recieve the same internet pricing at 800-886-0810.

Sting Ray Guardz are manufactured in OCEAN fabric.
Sting Ray Guards have a Lifetime Warranty.
Small - 40 to 60 lb Children
Medium - 55 to 120 lb Person
Large - 110 to 200 lb Person
XLarge - 180 to 260 lb Person
XXLarge - 260 to 400 lb Person
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